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( Founded in 1903, it is the world's oldest international conservation organization.

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is an international conservation charity and non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the planet's threatened wildlife and habitats. The logo of the society is the Arabian oryx, after the successful Operation Oryx, a flagship captive breeding and reintroduction project undertaken by the society.


Founded as the Society for the Preservation of the Wild Fauna of the Empire, the society created some of the first game reserves and captive breeding programs during the 20th century.

Having since gone through several name and approach changes, FFI today coordinates conservation programs in around 40 countries, working through local partnerships and with more focus on capacity building, community-based approaches and marine conservation than its previous iterations. The society's peer-reviewed scientific journal, now known as Oryx, has been publishing conservation science articles since 1904.

Fauna & Flora International is constituted under English law as a company limited by guarantee and is a registered charity with its head office in Cambridge. FFI has sister organizations in the U.S. and Australia, and a subsidiary in Singapore. FFI currently runs conservation programs and activities in around 40 countries in collaboration with local partner organizations, institutions, communities and authorities.

In addition to global headquarters in the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge, FFI coordinates conservation programs in countries across the Caribbean, Central America, Africa, Eurasia and the Asia-Pacific.

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