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( The Deep Sleep Hotel offers the chance to spend the night 419m underground.

In April 2023, The Deep Sleep Hotel was inaugurated in April by the outdoor activity company Go Below. To reach the remote off-grid adventure camp of Deep Sleep, one has to travel through an abandoned Victorian slate mine. The 'World's Deepest Hotel' is 420 vertical meters below the Snowdonia mountains. It has four private twin-bed cabins and a romantic Grotto with a double bed.

Go Below


Deep Sleep opens up only once a week, from Saturday night through Sunday morning. However, the journey to reach the hotel is not comfortable. It starts at 5 PM at the Tanygrisiau Base, near Blaenau Ffestiniog. Then, it's a 45-minute walk to the mountains. The remote route is steep sometimes but mesmerizing at the top.

At the top, the team leader provides the visitors with a kit. It has a helmet, light, harness, and Wellington boots. The route from the mountaintop to the destination is steep and challenging. The instructor gives plenty of historical information about the ancient miners, decaying bridges, and scrambles. After an hour of travel, you reach a large steel door behind which lies the Deep Sleep.

The temperature in the world’s deepest hotel remains a constant 10 degrees Celsius all year round, but the thickly insulated cabins are reportedly quite cozy. They also feature running water, electricity and even Wi-Fi through a one-kilometer-long ethernet cable from a 4G antenna on the surface.

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