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( Booster Bike is a steel roller coaster located at Toverland in the Netherlands. It is the prototype of a motorbike rollercoaster, built by Vekoma.

In 2003, Vekoma premiered the Motorbike Coaster at the IAAPA expo. The reception was good, as it received the Award for "Best Idea Euro Amusement Show 2004 – Paris" at the Euro Amusement Show in Paris. The major difference with the normal sit-down rollercoaster is the positioning of the rider.

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Instead of the normal sitting seats, the rider takes place in a seat that is more leaning forward, like an actual motorbike. The rider can hold on to the 'steering wheel', and the rider is secured using a harness that pushes down on the back of the rider.

The layout of the glider track is characterized by a long, extended launch track and steep slopes parallel to the launch track. At a launch speed of up to 75 km/h, it passed a long steep slope, followed by many turns and horseshoe bends.

After this glider, two more were built. A replica of the Booster Bike was built in China, at Chimelong Paradise. In Flamingoland, a custom model was built, with the placement of the torsion parts being a bit different.

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