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( Blandaren is the world’s oldest humor magazine, founded in 1863.

Blandaren is a Swedish humor magazine that was founded in 1863 by students at the Royal Institute of Technology, now KTH in Stockholm. It is the oldest humor magazine in the world that is still published.

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Blandaren is published once a year, Gåsblandaren, which is published in December. The magazine is known for its absurd and surreal humor and has over the years published works by many well-known Swedish editors. Throughout its history, Blandaren has had a diverse array of editors, including individuals like Bengt Lindroos (architect), Pontus Hutlén (art collector and museum director), Gunnar Asplund (architect), Ferdinand Boberg (architect), and Maja Säfström (illustrator).


Throughout its long history spanning over a century, Blandaren has undergone significant transformations. Initially, it published two annual issues: Vårblandaren and Gåsblandaren. In its contemporary form, releases an annual issue in December. In 2016, Blandaren released a historical work to commemorate the 153-year-long history. Blandaren has also released several similar historical editions to celebrate the 80, 100, and 126-year long history.

Blandaren was still a part of the Student Union at the Royal Institute of Technology towards the end of the 1960s. Blandaren accounted for a large share of the student union's income and had their facilities at the KTH campus. Blandaren subsequently left the student union and has since 1969 a voluntary association.

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