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( Known as the biggest drilling oil platform in the world, the Berkut platform is a gigantic ice-resistant structure in the Okhotsk Sea in Russia.

The length of the platform is 105 meters, its width is 60 meters, and the height with the bottom is 144 meters. It almost equals the 50-storied building. According to the development simulation model, the existing world's most powerful drilling platform provides for well drilling with horizontal displacement not less than 7 km. As a result, the platform virtually appears as a giant multiple well platform, which allows maximum efficient offshore development.

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To fully exploit the Arkutun-Dagi oil field, 45 wells are being drilled including 28 oil producing wells, 16 water injection wells and a cutting re-injection well. The oil extracted at Berkut will be processed at the Chaivo onshore processing facility before being transported by pipeline to DeKastri oil export terminal, one of the largest oil terminals in the Far East.

The platform is built on a gravity-based structure (GBS) which is fixed to the seabed at a depth of 35 metres. The GBS was built at Vostochny Port in eastern Russia and used an estimated 52,000m³ of concrete and 27,000 tons of steel reinforcing bar. The upper part of the platform was built in a Korean shipyard and was hauled approximately 2,600 kilometres to the Arkutun-Dagi field. Overall it is estimated that 4,000 people were involved in the construction project.

Just like the Mirny Diamond Mine, Berkut is subject to unimaginably harsh weather conditions. The rig has been designed to withstand temperatures as low as -44 degrees Celsius (-47 Fahrenheit) and contains its own power supply to keep operations running throughout the long winter months.

The rig features a newly-developed ice protection belt made from concrete, rather than the standard (and more expensive) metal used on most rigs. This is built to withstand the tremendous pressure exerted by ice sheets of up to two metres in thickness. This protective belt will also brace the structure against waves up to 18 metres high. The rig can also survive earthquakes.

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