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( Kuappi in Finland - Europe is the smallest restaurant in the world.

Though you may not think it to look at it, this small yellow wooden cabin down by the water is actually a restaurant named Kuappi. A sign out front proudly declares it as the smallest restaurant in the world.

A few restaurants around the world claim to be the world’s smallest, but this tiny establishment in Iisalmi, Finland, is a holder, and unique among contenders for being the only one in a self-contained building. The dining room takes up less than half of the cabin’s 86 square feet (8 square meters), and can only fit two guests.


The entire restaurant consists of a tiny kitchen, table, two chairs, bathroom, and a small terrace that (weather permitting) can sit another two guests. Despite the small size, there’s still a full bar, but in order to fit it in the cabin all the alcohol is kept in mini-bottles. 

Mini bar in the restaurant


Because of the restaurant’s very limited space, you’ll need to reserve a table in advance. But once you get there you can be sure that the one and only table in Kuappi is yours.

According to atlasobscura


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