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( Ecologísssima, Mexico is the world's largest eco-skating rink.

The emblematic esplanade of the Zocalo of Mexico City receives as every year thousands of capitals who want to skate on an ice rink, this time with the peculiarity that the material they step on with their skates is much less expensive for the planet.

The track, which they called "Ecologísssima" and has 4,000 square meters, It is the largest mounted so far by the Swiss company Glice, who since 2012 opted for this alternative to ice, with an energy expenditure per square meter equivalent to that of an entire house.

According to the data provided by the city government, 398 liters of water, 307,000 liters of gasoline, and more than 330,000 kilowatts of electricity are saved. The material is a high density polymer "with a couple of secret ingredients" that achieves a surface on which skaters can slide in a similar way to the usual ice.

With the usual boots that slide on the ice with a blade, skating on this plastic surface is more complex for experts but easier for those who had never tried this sport. Thus, The company regularly modifies the composition of the polymer plates with the intention of generating an increasingly similar material to ice.

The track looks crowded this year and in fact the first day he received more than 9,800 visitors according to city government data, but few users are seen crossing the track with skill, rather, the majority slides gradually clinging to the railing, probably because of the material.

After 1,500 tracks mounted in more than 90 countries, including one on a beach in the India or another on top of a hotel NY, the company is crowned with this infrastructure in Ciudad de Mexico.

Although it is not cold in "Ecologísssima" and the sensation when sliding is very different, some of the users explained that they feel that Christmas spirit and even a feeling of freshness by the white color of the material. 

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