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(WorldKings.org) Nordic Harvest is a Danish company specializing in indoor vertical farming. Founded in 2018, Nordic Harvest aims to revolutionize agriculture by producing fresh, sustainable, and locally grown leafy greens and herbs. The company's flagship facility, located in Taastrup just outside Copenhagen, is Europe's largest vertical farm.

Nordic Harvest was founded in 2018 by Anders Riemann, a Danish entrepreneur with a background in technology and sustainability. The company was established with the vision of revolutionizing agriculture by leveraging innovative indoor vertical farming techniques to produce fresh, sustainable, and locally grown produce.

In its early stages, Nordic Harvest focused on research and development to refine its vertical farming technology and farming practices. The company aimed to create a scalable model that could be implemented to address the growing demand for fresh produce while minimizing environmental impact.


Nordic Harvest is Europe's largest vertical farm. The future is vertical. — Atlas of the Future

In 2020, Nordic Harvest announced plans to build Europe's largest vertical farm in Taastrup, just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The facility was designed to utilize advanced hydroponic and aeroponic systems, LED lighting, and automation to optimize growing conditions and maximize yields.

Construction of the vertical farm began in 2021, and by the following year, Nordic Harvest had successfully completed and launched its flagship facility. The farm's state-of-the-art infrastructure allowed for year-round production of leafy greens and herbs, supplying fresh produce to local markets, retailers, and restaurants.


We met the founder of Europe's largest vertical farm - The Choice by ESCP

As Europe's largest vertical farm, Nordic Harvest gained significant attention and recognition for its innovative approach to agriculture. The company's commitment to sustainability, technology, and local food production positioned it as a leader in the emerging vertical farming industry.

Throughout its history, Nordic Harvest has continued to expand and refine its operations, with a focus on research, development, and partnerships to further advance its mission of sustainable food production. The company remains dedicated to driving positive change in the agricultural sector and promoting the adoption of innovative farming practices.

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