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( The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia is the world's only sanctuary for baby kangaroos.

The sanctuary was founded in 1986 by Chris "Brolga" Barns, after he was inspired by the plight of orphaned kangaroos that he had seen in the wild. The sanctuary cares for kangaroos of all ages, from joeys to adults. The kangaroos are given food, shelter, and medical care, and they are eventually released back into the wild if possible.


The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a popular tourist destination, and it offers a variety of tours and activities for visitors. Visitors can learn about the kangaroos and their habitat, and they can even feed and cuddle some of the joeys. The sanctuary also offers a number of volunteer opportunities for people who want to help care for the kangaroos.


The Kangaroo Sanctuary is an important resource for orphaned and injured kangaroos. It provides them with a safe place to heal and grow, and it helps to ensure that they have a chance to return to the wild. The sanctuary is also a valuable educational resource for the public, and it helps to promote awareness of the importance of kangaroo conservation.


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