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( Paul Scully-Power is the first Australian-born person to journey into space.

Paul Desmond Scully-Power, AM, FRAeS (born May 28, 1944) is an Australian-American oceanographer, technology expert and business executive.

In 1984, while a civilian employee of the United States Naval Undersea Warfare Center, he flew aboard NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-41-G as a Payload Specialist. He was the first Australian-born person to journey into space, and the first astronaut with a beard.

In June 1984, he was chosen by NASA to be a Payload Specialist on the 13th Shuttle mission, which would study Earth Sciences.

His space flight STS-41-G Challenger (October 5–13, 1984) was launched from and returned to land at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. STS-41-G was the first mission with a 7-person crew, and the first to demonstrate American orbital fuel transfer. 

During the 8-day flight, the crew deployed the Earth Radiation Budget Satellite, conducted scientific observations of the earth with Large Format Camera, and demonstrated potential satellite refueling with an EVA and associated hydrazine transfer.



At mission conclusion, Scully-Power had traveled over 3.4 million miles in 133 Earth orbits, and logged over 197 hours in space.

His role was to investigate spiral eddies, which at the time were thought to be rare. He was able to photograph them with an ordinary camera, and show that they were ubiquitous.

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