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( Newhaven Sanctuary houses the world's longest cat-proof fence that was completed in April 2018.

Newhaven Sanctuary, once known as Newhaven station, lies 363 kilometres (226 mi) north-west of Alice Springs at the junction of three distinct bioregions: the Great Sandy Desert, MacDonnell Ranges and Burt Plain in the Northern Territory of Australia.

It was established when Newhaven Station, a pastoral cattle-grazing property in the arid zone of the Northern Territory was purchased by Birds Australia in December 2000 from the then owner, Alex Coppock, in order to conserve its outstanding natural values. At 2,622 square kilometres (1,012 sq mi) in area, Newhaven is five times the size of Birds Australia's other reserve, Gluepot, in South Australia.

Across Australia, feral cats kill millions of native animals every night. Cats and foxes are the primary reason why Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world. Therefore, Newhaven Sanctuary built the world’s longest cat-proof fence that was completed in April 2018.

Completion of the fence is a critical step in establishing an initial feral predator-free area of 9,390 hectares (23,000 acres). This will be the largest cat-free area on mainland Australia. 

The 44km fence – made of 85,000 pickets, 400km of wire and 130km of netting – surrounds the Newhaven wildlife sanctuary, a former cattle station that has been bought by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Covering a diversity of habitats ranging from spectacular quartzite ranges through to rich spinifex sandplains, this feral-free area will deliver a substantial increase in the population of at least 11 nationally threatened mammal species. 

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