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( National Gallery of Victoria houses the world's largest stained-glass ceiling.

The National Gallery of Victoria, popularly known as the NGV, is an art museum in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Founded in 1861, it is Australia's oldest, largest and most visited art museum. NGV is famous for The Grand Hall opened on August 20, 1968.

Its magnificent ceiling is the world's largest stained-glass ceiling, designed by Australian artist Leonard French. The ceiling is high (13.72 metres), vast (60.9 x 15.24 metres) and so heavy with glass and steel that its downward projecting triangles need to be held up by a series of slim steel columns.

Each of the main intersecting triangles has been turned into thousands of geometric pieces of coloured and clear glass that have been cut so their facets bounce and refract coloured light.

The 224 triangles of diamond-cut primary colours weigh 300 kilograms each.

The Great Hall is a large capacity function area, perfect for a memorable gala dinner, grand wedding receptions or large scale cocktail events, The Great Hall has an area of 775 square metres, with a capacity of 600 (theatre), 750 (banquet), 680 (banquet with dance floor), 1400 (cocktail). 

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