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( Marae Moana is the world's largest multiple-use marine protected area.

Marae Moana is a multiple-use marine protected area created on 13 July 2017, when the Parliament of the Cook Islands passed a bill creating the largest multiple-use marine protected area in the world at the time of its passage.

Marae Moana covers the Cook Islands' entire exclusive economic zone of over 1.9 million square kilometers. 

Kevin Iro, an environmentalist, first proposed the idea in 2010. The name of the marine park was created in 2014 during a naming competition won by Bouchard Solomono, a student at Tereora College.

Some media speculated that this legislation was the most significant since the independence of the Cook Islands. 

The park includes atolls, a volcanic island, upraised limestone islands, and a sand cay. It is home to 136 species of coral, over 600 species of fish, and 21 species of cetacea (whales and dolphins). It is also home to three threatened species of turtles, as well as some tuna species.

Marae Moana is also home to five species of reef sharks and eleven pelagic shark species. Marae Moana is also home to many birds and plants as well. 

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