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( Indian Pacific is the world's longest straight stretch of railway track.

The Indian Pacific is an Australian passenger rail service that operates between Sydney, on the Pacific Ocean coast, and Perth, on the Indian Ocean coast. It is one of the few truly transcontinental trains in the world.

The train first ran in February 1970 after the completion of gauge conversion projects in South Australia and Western Australia.

The train's route includes the world's longest straight stretch of railway track, a 478-kilometre (297 mi) stretch of the Trans-Australian Railway over the Nullarbor Plain. 

The service was originally operated jointly by the Department of Railways New South Wales, South Australian Railways, Commonwealth Railways and Western Australian Government Railways, until February 1993 when Australian National took full ownership.

In October 1997, the Indian Pacific was sold to Great Southern Rail (now known as Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions).

A one-way trip takes between 70.5 and 75 hours, depending on scheduling and daylight saving periods. The train currently has two classes, branded as Platinum and Gold Service. A motorail service conveys passengers' motor vehicles between Adelaide and Perth.

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