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( Faulding Pharmaceuticals is the pharmaceutical company that invented the world's first zinc cream.

F. H. Faulding & Co was a pharmaceutical company founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 1845 by Francis Hardey Faulding (23 August 1816 – 19 November 1868), a native of Swinefleet, near Goole in Yorkshire.

History of zinc cream

Every Aussie knows about the dangers of the intense Australian sunshine. The most dangerous forms of skin cancer are more prevalent here than anywhere else in the world. It’s little wonder then, that Australian inventors have turned their attention to sunscreen.

In 1940, Faulding Pharmaceuticals invented zinc cream – the ultimate protection against sunburn. A thick white cream made from zinc oxide, it physically stopped ultraviolet rays from reaching skin cells.

It became another great Australian icon, synonymous with surf and sporting culture, and was manufactured in pink and then a range of other colours. 

Then in 1999, Terry Turney from the CSIRO found a way to grind zinc oxide into an ultra-fine powder.

The tiny particles still blocked harmful ultraviolet rays, but allowed visible light to pass through. This advancement has changed zinc cream to a highly effective transparent product, which is now being taken up by Aussies everywhere. 

According to en.wikipedia & Australia's Greatest Inventions (book)


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