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( David Robinson, George Kossoff & Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratories invent world's first ultrasound scanner.

The Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratories were established in January 1947. The Laboratories carried out investigations on hearing aids and other related hearing issues. In 1974 the Laboratories underwent a change of name, becoming the National Acoustic Laboratories.

The ultrasound scanner works by using the sounds beyond human hearing and using echolocation to take an image. To reveal where an object is and what shape it is the sound bounces off the object. And by creating this medical tool it has become an inceradicably useful to many doctors, nurses and midwives. 

Earlier in 1959 the ultrasound research and establishment began in an Ultrasound Research Section within the Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratories. Within a few years of research and science, the group was recognised as one of the leading ultrasound research groups in the world. 

Later, in 1995, the group became a separate group to the Department of Health, the Ultrasound Research Section and the Commonwealth Acoustic Lavatories and their name was changed to the Ultrasonics Institute. Until 1997, the Institute worked vigorously for long hours to achieve the development of the technology and clinical appliances of diagnostic ultrasound.   

The ultrasound was invented by Gorge Kossoff and David Robinson; has influenced Australian society greatly. Many lives have been changed from this magnificent invention and through it's works; many pregnant mothers have been able to determine that their baby is growing and alive.  

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