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( Ben Carlin became the only person to circumnavigate the world by amphibious vehicle today in 1958 after traveling over 11,000 miles by sea and 39,000 miles by land over a ten year journey.

Frederick Benjamin Carlin (27 July 1912 – 7 March 1981) was an Australian adventurer who was the first person to circumnavigate the world in an amphibious vehicle.

Born in Northam, Western Australia, Carlin attended Guildford Grammar School in Perth, and later studied mining engineering at the Kalgoorlie School of Mines. After qualifying as an engineer, he worked on the Goldfields before in 1939 emigrating to China to work in a British coal mine. In the Second World War, Carlin was posted to the Indian Army Corps of Engineers, serving in India, Italy, and throughout the Middle East. After his discharge from service in 1946, he immigrated to the United States with his American wife, Elinore (née Arone).

The Half-safe

In India towards the end of the war, Carlin had noticed a GPA in an army vehicle lot. To the mockery of his fellow engineers, he suggested that the vehicle could be used to take him around the world, supposedly remarking: "with a bit of titivation, you could go around the world in one of those things".

The Carlins first attempts in 1948 were all failed. However, in the summer of 1950, the seventh attempt to cross 1,700 miles of open water from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Flores in the Azores, actually went pretty well – only stopping several times to remove the cylinder head, decoke the valves and replace the head gasket. He resumed his journey in 1954, traveling overland through the Middle East before arriving in Calcutta. He traveled through South-East Asia and the Far East to the northern tip of Japan, and then on to Alaska.

After an extended tour through the United States and Canada, Ben and Half-Safe finally returned to Montreal on May 13, 1958 after traveling over 17,000 kilometers by sea and 62,000 kilometers by land during his ten-year journey.

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