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( Jeff Hastings is the first scientist to invent a new technology that can keep milk fresh for 60 days

The Wholey Milk Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Naturo Pty Ltd. Naturo is an international food innovation company that believes food should be fresh, safe to eat, free of chemicals and preservatives, and be great tasting.

Naturo is Latin for “produced naturally” and stands for our commitment to using only the forces of nature to provide solutions to food related issues. The milk technology was invented by Naturo Founder and CEO, Jeff Hastings – a qualified agricultural engineer with over 30 years’ experience in global agribusiness.

It is the biggest breakthrough in the global milk industry since pasteurisation in 1864! 100% natural fresh milk –  minimum 60 days fresh chilled shelf life, no additives or preservatives,  nutritionally superior, retains its natural colour and taste like its straight from the cow.

The technology is independently tested and validated by a leading Australian scientific organisation, and approved by leading Australian regulatory food safety authority, Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV).

The new process kills more pathogens than pasteurisation (validated) so it is safer. It is the only known method that kills the unwanted Bacillus cereus a common pathogen in milk.

It is healthier than pasteurised milk as it retains higher levels of vitamins B2 & B12, essential vitamins for our children and fully retains enzymes, critical for liver function & bone development, otherwise destroyed by pasteurisation.

According to naturotechnologies


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