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( Having the total seats of 1403, Nanyo City Cultural Hall is the world's largest wooden concert hall.

Nanyo City Cultural Hall is a large, wooden concert hall located in Nanyo, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. It is the world's largest wooden concert hall. The hall, which seats 1403 people, has a ceiling height of approximately 15 m and a span of approximately 28 m.


It is also the first large wooden fireproof cultural hall in Japan, and is made of cedar “cool wood”, a wooden fireproof material consisting of a structure made of local materials covered with gypsum board and local materials. The hall features a unique design that incorporates traditional Japanese elements, such as the use of wood and tatami mats, with modern architectural features. It is used for a variety of performances, including concerts, operas, and dance recitals.

The Nanyo City Cultural Hall is a popular venue for both local and international artists, and is a major cultural attraction in the region. It is also a symbol of Nanyo's commitment to sustainability, as it showcases the potential of wood as a building material for the future.


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