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( Winsun Building Technology builds world’s first fully 3D printed river revetment wall.

The world’s first fully 3D printed river revetment wall of 500 meters is delivered by Winsun Building Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd along the Suzhou Creek in China.

The wall consists of separate 3D printed modules that provide the necessary protection against the strong river current.

This ecologically developed riverbank shoreline is integrally formed and functions of retaining the earth and to defend the shoreline from impact by the waves and the strong current, and collapsing under the pressure of the rising water level, caused by co-acting forces, such as water erosion, corrosion, earth pressure, and underwater osmotic pressure. 

Besides it enables to keep of the original “water flow” function intact, it has now evolved into a better solution that provides both flood control and at the same time preserves its original ecological functions.

The modules are set above the riverbank and provide a natural habitat for plants to grow on. This provides a safe, and green recreational spot with beautiful aesthetics for coastal residents and visitors.

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