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( The world's largest indoor mural measures 904 square meters.

Shyam Vatika Cultural Centre is a privately owned auditorium in Shyam Vatika Gwalior, India.

The World's largest indoor mural measures 904 square meters and was painted by six artists from 27 February 2005 to 5 March 2005 at Shyam Vatika.

The art features on all interior walls and ceilings of Shyam Vatika Cultural Centre. The painting was coordinated by artist, Aasutosh Panigrahi and the owners of Shyam Vatika: R P Maheshwary and Ankur Maheshwary.

Born and raised in Odisha, Aasutosh suffers from a physical disability. His conjoined fingers in both hands were a subject of mockery by his conservative family, but that didn’t deter him from pursuing his dreams. Embracing his impairment, he turned his deformity into an opportunity, transformed his hands into a brush, and started painting. Aasutosh is currently a teacher in a Delhi government school. He spends most of his time teaching art and theatre to students.

The record was previously held by the Youth Club, Bernie, Tasmania, Australia: 727.52 square meters (7,831.0 sq ft) and was made on 30 June 2004.

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