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( As of 2019, a reported 99 percent of the city's 21,689 licensed taxis are electric cars. They are operated by Pengcheng Electric Taxi.

Shenzhen Pengcheng Electric Taxi (PCET) Co LTD is the world’s first electric taxi company that operates large-scale commercialization, leading and promoting the national new energy strategy. The company combines the advantages of Bus Group in vehicle operation and management and BYD in new energy vehicle production and promotes electric taxis in the market-oriented mode of cooperation.

Pengcheng Electric Taxi was established in 2010. It is a joint venture between the city's bus operator and the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD.

Pengcheng Electric Taxi started the electrification of its fleet in 2010 with 50 EVs. After only the first year, it already reported fuel savings of over 1,167 dollars per month per taxi that drive an average of 250 miles a day.

PCET has developed intelligent software that works with the incumbent taxi assignment system to calculate the optimized route from the pick-up to the drop-off. The software matches the ride-hailing demand with package delivery and lets the driver select the passenger whose origin and destination are similar to the route calculated for the logistics package. Currently, this service is being trailed on 500 of PCET’s taxis. Subject to the result of the trial, the service will be pushed onto the entire fleet of taxis city-wide.

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