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( The world’s longest calligraphic mural has been installed on the road leading to Makkah’s Grand Mosque, in the latest beautification of the holy city.

The 75-meter mural, designed by artist Amal Felemban, joins a host of sculptures and installations already adorning Makkah in a project run by local authorities to boost its visual appeal and depict Saudi heritage and culture for pilgrims.

Amal Felemban is the artist behind the mural. She also talks about how her message behind the mural does not reflect “letter or poetic verses” but depicts the real, authentic, urban culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This approach offers a fresh perspective on art in the holy city, which often gives a nod to historic poems Felemban mentions earlier

Felemban said that the municipalities in all Saudi regions must pay great attention to this form of art, which reflects Saudi culture and attracts more tourists.

This piece is not the first to debut in Makkah, as the holy city is dotted with an array of monuments and sculptures. These artworks come as a part of a municipal official initiative to enhance the city’s aesthetic while also reflecting Saudi heritage and culture for pilgrims that visit annually.

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