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( Legendary Twin Dragon stands up to 70 m at its highest point – the tallest of any inverted rollercoaster as of 12 May 2021.

Legendary Twin Dragon is an Intamin inverted roller coaster located at Chongqing Sunac Land in Shapingba, Chongqing, China. It opened on 3 February 2021 as the tallest and fastest inverted coaster.

An inverted roller coaster is a roller coaster in which the train runs under the track with the seats directly attached to the wheel carriage. This latter attribute is what sets it apart from the older suspended coaster, which runs under the track, but swings via a pivoting bar attached to the wheel carriage. The coaster type's inverted orientation, where the passengers' legs are exposed, distinguishes it from a traditional roller coaster, where only the passengers' upper body parts, including the arms, are exposed.

With a physical track length of 251 meters resulting in 1400 meters of experienced track length and a height of 70 meters, this launch coaster has a very space-efficient footprint. The 360° twisted track spikes reaching up into the sky make this shuttle-style coaster most iconic.

Using Intamin’s most powerful LSM drive system, the suspended-seating train is launched forward into the spike element reaching a height of 40 meters already on the first swing. Once passengers have experienced the weightless airtime, the train performs a rollback, passing the station backwards and launching again reaching a height of 52 meters on the opposite twisting spike element. After the fourth swing, the train reaches the top height of approx. 65 metres. In total, riders will get to enjoy four forward and four backward swings, six weightlessness airtime experiences, thrilling accelerations and with a top speed of almost 120 km/h also real high-speed moments on this Double Twisted Impulse Coaster.

The 32-seats, dragon themed train of “Legendary Twin Dragon” with ergonomically shaped seats and the over-the-shoulder-lap-bar, ensures maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety.


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