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( Kura Sushi Oshiage is the world's biggest conveyor belt sushi restaurant, which has 47 booths and 33 counter seats, accommodating up to 277 people in total.

A conveyor belt sushi restaurant, also known as kaitenzushi in Japanese, is a type of sushi restaurant where plates of sushi dishes are placed on a conveyor belt that winds through the dining area. Diners seated at the counter can take any plate that catches their eye as it passes by.


The title of "world's biggest conveyor belt sushi restaurant" belongs to Kura Sushi Oshiage, located in Tokyo, Japan, near the iconic Tokyo Skytree. This two-storey restaurant has 47 booths and 33 counter seats, which can accommodate up to 277 people in total. The space is also decked out in ukiyo-e-style illustrations and colorful lanterns.


Not only can you feast on cheap sushi, you can even play with the restaurant’s newest games and attractions. The Bikkura Pon capsule toy machine, which is usually installed next to each table, is now made bigger and better with cool digital effects. For every five dish you eat, you have a chance to win not only one but two capsule toys filled with exclusive character keychains or figurines. There’s also Bikkura Gyo, a digital shooting game on the second floor, where you can win even more capsule toys.

If you're ever in Tokyo and looking for a truly unique and unforgettable sushi experience, Kura Sushi Oshiage is definitely worth checking out.

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