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( The largest statue of Buddha made from a single piece of jade weighs 260.76 tons.

Jade Buddha Palace (sometimes also translated as Jade Buddha Garden or Jade Buddha Temple) is a temple complex housing largest jade Buddha statue in the world. Located in Anshan, Liaoning province, the complex covers 22,104 square meters. It is situated beside Dongshan Scenic Reserve.

The largest statue of Buddha made from a single piece of jade, weighs 260.76 tons and measures 7.95 m high, 6.88 m wide and 4.1 m deep. The piece of jade was found in 1960 at Xiuyan county, Liaoning province. Carved in 1992 and has seven differing colors within it.

It was declared a treasure of the State and listed as a protected property by Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. Anshan city government commissioned the carving which took a team of 120 sculptors 18 months to complete. The temple complex was opened on 3 September 1996. The building that houses the jade Buddha statue is 33 meters tall, representing the 33 layers of heaven in Buddhism. It claims to be one the tallest buildings of ancient Chinese architectural style in China.

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