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( Rongbuk is claimed to be the highest-elevation monastery in the world. However, the true highest monastery in the world is Drirapuk Monastery in Ngari Prefecture, at an altitude of 5,072 meters.

Drirapuk Monastery is located at the “big turn” on the back of Mount Kailash, in which the White Dragon River, the East Dragon River, and the Dromala River all joined together. Drirapuk in Tibetan means “cave of female yak horn”. It is named due to its walls bearing indentations of a dri’s horn. It encloses a retreat cave associated with the great “Yogin Gotsangpa” who stayed in this monastery from 1213 to 1217. “Yogin Gotsangpa” was a disciple of one of Milarepa’s disciples and is known as the author of the 1st history and guidebook of Mount Kailash.

Tibet is renowned as the highest plateau on the planet, and with this being a devoutly Buddhist land, it should come as no surprise that this vast plateau, which is also home to the highest mountain on the planet, also has the highest Buddhist monastery in the world. However, many people are confused as to which is exactly the highest Buddhist monastery in the world.

Technically the highest monastery in Tibet, Drirapuk Monastery is located to the north of Mount Kailash on the famous Kailash Kora trek. At an altitude of 5,210 meters above sea level, Drirapuk Monastery is often wrongly listed as having an elevation of just 4,950 meters. A beautiful monastery that has a huge collection of murals, scriptures, historical relics, and Buddha statues, the monastery is an important stop on the ritual kora route around Mount Kailash for pilgrims and provides simple food and accommodation for travelers, both local pilgrims, and international tourists.

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