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( The conservation was formed in 2020 and covers an area of 239 km2.

The Dr KK Mohammed Koya Sea Cucumber Conservation Reserve is the first sea cucumber conservation area in the world, announced following reports of smuggling of sea cucumbers and other vulnerable species for trade in East Asia.

The conservation is located in the Cheriyapani Reef in the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep. It was formed in 2020 and covers an area of 239 km2. Together with 2 areas, it forms a marine protected area (MPA) of 685 km2.

The first area is spread over 239 sq. km at Cheriyapani called Dr KK Mohammed Koya Sea Cucumber Conservation Reserve. The second is the conservation reserve between Amini and Pitti archipelago, with an area of 344 sq. km, declared as Attakoya Thangal Marine Conservation Reserve. The third is the first protected area for marine birds in India across 62 sq. km (named PM Sayeed Marine Birds Conservation Reserve), home to four species of pelagic seabirds — the greater crested tern, lesser crested tern, sooty tern, and the brown noddy.

Sea cucumbers are invertebrates ranging in sizes up to six feet (1.8m). The species is high in demand across south-east Asia, mainly China, for food and traditional medicine. In India, the species is listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA), 1972, akin to the protection for a tiger, leopard or elephant. They cannot be transported in any form for commercial use and are also protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which India is a signatory. A total ban on harvesting of sea cucumbers was imposed in 2001 under the WPA by the Union environment ministry.

Conservation reserves are protected areas categorised by the Union environment ministry under the Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Act, 2002. These categories were added because of reduced protection in and around existing or proposed protected areas due to private ownership of land and land use.


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