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( CIC has the largest live-action circus stage in the world. A lot of performances are put on in the world’s largest circus stadium with a seating capacity of 8000.

Chimelong International Circus (CIC) is located in a national AAAAA scenic area - Chimelong Tourist Resort in Guangzhou. occupies about 11,500 m², including a 960 m² show area and a 5,000 m²  auditorium.

Chimelong International Circus has been the world’s largest and well-renowned permanent circus, and has received more than ten million guests since its opening in 2000. The circus features more than 300 award-winning performers from over 20 countries in Asia, America, Europe and Africa, along with 500 animals of 40 different species. It has been classified as the “Most Competitive Cultural Brand in Guangzhou”, “China’s Culture Card” and the “Best Night Entertainment in Guangzhou”.

With hundreds of international performers that hail from all parts of the world, the stage comes to life with the array of acrobats, dancers, clowns, and animal performers that put together a series of spectacular shows combined with stunningly coreographed music, lights, lasers and fireworks.

The action is non-stop and it takes place all over the arena, parades come through the audience and animals might be flying over your head.

CIC is a unique circus in the world that has the most performers and animals on the show. It has 300 award-winning performers from over 20 countries and more than 500 animals of 40 different species.

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