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( Convidecia Air, world’s first approved inhaled COVID-19 vaccine, is made by CanSino Biologics Inc.

CanSino Biologics Inc is a clinical-stage vaccine company in China. The Company's products include Ad5-EBOV vaccine used for Ebola virus, MCV2 and MCV4 vaccines for meningococcus, PBPV vaccine used for pneumococcal and the recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine. Its products are mainly used in meningitis, diphtheria pertussis tetanus (DPT) and pneumonia.

CanSino Biologics was founded in 2009 in Tianjin by Yu Xuefeng, Zhu Tao, Qiu Dongxu and Helen Mao Huihua.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes

AD5-nCOV, trade-named Convidecia, is a single-dose viral vector COVID-19 vaccine developed by CanSino. Since late 2020, it has been in Phase III trials in Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia with 40,000 participants.

In February 2021, global data from Phase III trials and 101 COVID cases showed that the vaccine had a 65.7% efficacy in preventing moderate symptoms of COVID-19, and 91% efficacy in preventing severe disease. It has similar efficacy to the Janssen vaccine, another one-shot adenovirus vector vaccine with 66% efficacy in a global trial. Its single-dose regimen and normal refrigerator storage requirement make it a favorable vaccine option for many countries. It is currently under evaluation for emergency use listing by the WHO.

In April 2021, CanSino Biologics has begun clinical trials for Covid-19, a vaccine that may be administered by inhalation rather than injection. In September, China has approved the world’s first inhaled COVID-19 vaccine made by CanSinBIO.

The newly approved vaccine, named Convidecia Air, uses the same platform as the injectable COVID-19 vaccine by the same manufacturer — pieces of genetic material transported by a harmless adenovirus vector so the body can be trained against the virus. This vaccine, however, is inhaled through the mouth as a fine mist. China’s National Medical Products Administration has approved the vaccine for use as a booster.


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