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( Arrah–Chhapra Bridge is the longest multi-span extradosed bridge in the world with a main bridge length of 1,920 m.

The bridge crosses over the Ganges River in India, connecting Arrah in Bhojpur district to Chhapra in Saran district of Bihar state. The bridge provides a roadway link between the northern and southern parts of Bihar. The bridge opened for public use on 11 June 2017.

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The multi-span extradosed navigational section over the Ganges is 1,920m long and the bridge has a total length of 4.35 km, including the approach spans of more than 2 km. The 120m-long navigation spans are supported by five extradosed stay cables arranged in a single-plane harp configuration, whereas the approach spans are simply-supported. The navigation spans and 2 km of the approach spans are composed of single-cell precast concrete box girders, while the remaining 0.35 km of approach spans are cast-in-place. The total length of approach road on either side of the bridge is 17 km.

Source: Wikipedia

The Ganges divides the state of Bihar in two parts. The river makes communication between the two parts difficult. The bridge reduced the distance between Chhapra and Arrah from 130 km to 40 km. This has greatly reduce the distance of Arrah, Aurangabad and Bhabhua districts from Siwan, Chhapra and Gopalganj districts. People can go from South to North Bihar without going to Patna district.


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