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( Al Qudra cycling track is 80.6 kilometers long.

Al Qudra Cycling Track is a popular destination among Dubai’s adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts. With 86km of track and amazing views of the desert, you might catch a glimpse of local wildlife – including the Arabian oryx. The track is popular with both professional and novice riders alike and is frequented by both individuals and groups of friends.

Spanning 80.6km, the Al Qudra track is the world’s longest and meets the highest safety standards. The track has signs and markers. It traverses dunes and lakes, making it attractive to cyclists worldwide.

The track runs over wide parts of the Al Qudra area, which spans about 188 square kilometers. The continuous cycling track has sub-tracks that extend 135km along with the original track. The track is equipped with emergency call phones distributed at over 30 points along the track, in addition to shaded places with seats, restaurants, and toilets as well as bike rental shops.

The path is also utilized by weekly cycling clubs, world-class athletes, and leisure riders visiting Dubai. Some say that the best time to ride is at sunrise because the views and feeling of the morning breeze are unparalleled – but the sunsets are just as beautiful. Ensure you plan ahead, as this area has few taxis and much of the track is not illuminated after dark.

The total length of cycling lanes around the emirate stretched to about 542km in the first quarter of the year. The RTA is planning to expand it to 819km by the end of 2026.

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