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( Canton Tower Spider Walk in Guangzhou city, China is the longest spiral staircase in the world.

The ladder, nicknamed Spider Walk, is the longest of its kind in the world. It has 1,088 steps stretching about 1,000 meters, and revolves around the tower from 168 meters high to 334.4 meters high.

The spiral ladder built around Guangzhou's tallest TV tower has been reopened to the public recently after renovation.

Visitors can look out from the ladder and enjoy the bird's-eye view landscape of Guangzhou with each step they take to the top.

The renovation has added 3D graffiti painted on the walls and steps by famous local artists. Zone E ticket holders can enjoy the Spider Walk for free, along with a free visit to the newly open exhibition hall of the tower's shock-absorbing system.

The system is a unique design in the world by utilizing the fire water tank on the tower top, as well as a big piece of iron used in a traditional designed system, said Zhou Fulin, the designer of the new system. 

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