Vignesh (India): The First Asian Sunlight Artist


( Vignesh, an engineer from Tamil Nadu, has pivoted his career to become a creative artist, using not paint, not colors, but sunlight to create beautiful works of art. He shares the story of how art gave him a new lease on life, and the effort that goes into each piece.

Engineer Crafts Stunning Paintings Using Nothing But Sunlight

Born in Mayiladuthurai, Vignesh uses a special medium to create eye-catching works of art - sunlight. In fact, the 32-year-old is being hailed as Asia's first "Sunlight Artist", an achievement he says he never saw coming.

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After a series of unfortunates like the sudden-developed back pain and the loss of his mother several months after that, Vignesh fell in the pit of despair. He could not walk more than a few steps at a time, and the engineer career which he’d sweated blood and tears to earn requires him to stand most of the working hours. Rainbow appears after the rain, he was saved by arts.

Engineer Crafts Stunning Paintings Using Nothing But Sunlight
Vignesh is a self-taught artist from Tamil Nadu. Each of his paintings sometimes takes a month to complete.


Vignesh's artwork - intricate sketches of famous personalities like Virat Kohli to detailed portraits of family - are as captivating as the journey that led him to it. "I didn't switch to art for the money," he notes as we sit down for a chat. "I just switched to it to get rid of my negative thoughts, my depression."

This is an inspiring story of how one individual overcame personal adversity and used art as a medium to heal and create.

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