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(Worldkings.org) The College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), located in Chennai, India, is a public engineering college and is also the oldest technical institution in Asia. Established in 1794, CEG is one of the first technical institutions to be established outside Europe.

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CEG began as a School of Survey, established in 1794 with just eight students. It later became the Civil Engineering School in 1858 and was renamed the College of Engineering in 1859, with the inclusion of a mechanical engineering course.

CEG was one of the first institutes in India to offer degrees in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications, highway engineering, and printing technology, as well as materials science and engineering.

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Today, CEG is part of Anna University and serves as the main campus of the university. CEG has 16 hostels that provide accommodation for over 3,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Separate hostels are available for international students and exchange students.

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CEG is not only a symbol of pioneering in engineering education but also a testament to the relentless commitment to training generations of talented engineers for the future.


Pioneering in Engineering Education

CEG has laid the foundation for engineering education in India and Asia. The college has trained thousands of excellent engineers and scientists who have contributed to the development of India and the world.

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CEG not only educates students but also engages in research and development, providing engineering solutions to societal problems. The college also participates in community projects, helping to improve the quality of life for the surrounding community.

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With a long history and solid tradition, CEG continues to innovate and develop, ensuring that the college will continue to contribute to the advancement of engineering and science.

According to Wikipedia and CEG's main website


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