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(Workings.org)Pakt is the first online wardrobe service in Asia. This service makes it easy and convenient for you to manage and store your clothes.

This Hong Kong-based entrepreneur founded Pakt – a digital wardrobe service that stores and manages your clothes
Pakt and its founder - Barbara Yu Larsson

Pakt does more than just store your clothes; it helps you manage them effectively. Living in Hong Kong, where living space is limited and the climate is humid, the founder of Pakt realized that storing and managing clothes is not an easy task. With changes in clothing ownership, increasing urban population density, and growing awareness of sustainability, Pakt combined technology with real estate to address this issue.


How Pakt Works

The interface of Pakt wardrobe is designed and optimized to be user-friendly. You can arrange your items in the desired categories.

Pakt provides a climate-controlled storage service for your clothes. The Pakt team arranges, tags, and photographs each item, creating a digital wardrobe that you can manage remotely via their website. Your clothes are stored at Pakt's facility, hung in individual breathable garment bags or dust bags. You can easily manage your wardrobe online, request cleaning and care services, or switch and rotate items with ease.


Barbara's vision is that white brings reassurance and trust to customers that Pakt will take good care of their belongings.


Pakt helps you take care of the clothes you love and control them through a digital inventory. This service saves you time and effort in maintaining your wardrobe. By storing less frequently worn items or selling items you no longer love, you can optimize your living space. Being more aware of your wardrobe also helps you make less impulsive and more intentional purchases.

With Pakt, managing your wardrobe has never been easier. Pakt photographs and catalogs your clothes and accessories. You can filter and sort online, say goodbye to endless rummaging, and never forget what's in your wardrobe.

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