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( This smelter is the largest local employer in this city with 7800 residents.

The Teck Cominco smelter, also known as the Teck Cominco Lead-Zinc Smelter, located in Trail, British Columbia, Canada, is the largest integrated lead-zinc smelter of its kind in the world. It is situated approximately 16 km north of the border between British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, in the United States, on the Columbia River.

This smelter is the largest local employer in this city with 7800 residents. It is owned and operated by Vancouver, British Columbia-based Teck Cominco Metals Ltd—renamed Teck Resources.

Since 1896, there has been a copper and gold smelting operation in the area. The original company, Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, was founded in 1906 through a merger of several entities under the control of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). In July 2001, Cominco and Tech Resources merged, and in 2008, Teck Cominco renamed itself Teck. By 2018, the Teck Cominco smelter complex had been in operation for over a century. In 2017, the smelter produced more than 230,000 tons of zinc, which is used in rustproofing both iron and steel.

For decades the smelter provided well-paying employment for people who had only a high school education. Intergenerational families worked at the smelter and the company became Trail's "economic and cultural Centre."

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