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( The first game of basketball was played on this court on October 17, 1893.

St. Stephen basketball court in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada is the world's oldest existing basketball court. It is located in the former St. Stephen Armory, which was built in 1891. The first game of basketball was played on this court on October 17, 1893, just 10 weeks after James Naismith invented the game in Springfield, Massachusetts. It wasn’t the first basketball game in in the world, but the earlier games were played on courts that have since been demolished.


James Naismith, a Canadian residing in Springfield, Massachusetts, created basketball in 1891. It swiftly went across the world, and one of Naismith’s initial players, Lyman Archibald, carried it to St Stephen, where it found a home in a newly erected YMCA.

The games on the court were played before Naismith began experimenting with the rules to clean up the sport and so differed significantly from those played now. However, the basketball court at St Stephen is exceptionally well-preserved, considering it is located on the top floor of an unremarkable downtown structure.

This court is still all-original, save for a few coats of paint. The property was once home to the local YMCA around the turn of the century and has since hosted some local companies. Unfortunately, the carpet on the top level was removed in 2010, following a small fire, showing the old gymnasium floor. This incident has prompted people to investigate the age and long history of this building and basketball court.

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