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( Nordvestfjord, meaning 'Northwest Fjord', is a fjord in King Christian X Land, eastern Greenland.

Administratively most of its length lies in the Northeast Greenland National Park area, at the border of Sermersooq municipality. This fjord is part of the Scoresby Sound system. The distance from the head of Nordvestfjord across Hall Bredning to the mouth of Scoresby Sound is 313 km (194 mi), which makes this continuous stretch of water the longest fjord in the world.

Source: Wikipedia

This long and very deep fjord is the northernmost arm of the Scoresby Sound. It is mostly surrounded by high mountains, whose sides rise steeply from its shore. Part of its northern flank marks the southern boundary of Nathorst Land and the Stauning Alps. To the northeast, the fjord is bound by Scoresby Land, to the northwest by Charcot Land, and to the southwest by Hinksland, Th. Sørensen Land and Renland.

Source: Wikipedia

The Nordvestfjord winds its way roughly in an NW/SE direction. Its largest branch is the Flyver Fjord, which runs in a roughly west-east direction and joins the southwestern shore about midway through the fjord.

Source: Wikipedia

The fjord is fed by several glaciers. The Daugaard-Jensen Glacier is at the fjord's head flowing from the southwest and producing masses of icebergs. The mouth is located close to the mouth of Ofjord, between the Bjorne Islands to the southwest and South Cape (Sydkap) to the northeast, beyond which lies Northeast Bay (Nordøstbugt).


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