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( Tucked between The Red Rabbit restaurant and Dmitri's Shoe and Leather Repair shop in downtown Stratford, Ontario is the smallest purpose-built cinema in operation in the world.

The Little Prince Cinema in Stratford has just 13 seats. It's just 16.29 square meters in size — approximately the size of a large bedroom. The cinema's owner and founder Leigh Cooney had a retail store in the space before converting it into a tiny cinema. He says they had a gallery space to support local artists and sometimes did film screenings for amateur filmmakers.


The lounge/lobby area is decorated with movie memorabilia and other throwbacks like a retro arcade machine Cooney helped build.

The theater is available for private bookings only, partly to promote a safer space.

The theatre has a wide range of 30,000 movies, including those from the early 20th century and silent films. If they play a movie from a certain era, they try to show previews and commercials from that era. This makes the whole experience more unique and exciting. The space is mostly used for film screenings, but Cooney says they've also hosted micro-weddings and even family reunions, with old family films being shown on the big screen. 


During the early days of the pandemic, The Little Prince delivered popcorn and cotton candy to people at home and continue to do so through their online concession stand. They have over 60 delicious flavors of cotton candy and different kinds of gourmet handmade popcorn. Several movie packages (with and without snacks) are available, including the weekend, midweek, birthday, date night packages and so much more. All the details and timings are on their website and bookings can be made online.

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