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( Boiling river or Shanay-Timpishka is the hottest river in the world.

The Boiling River is in the central Peruvian Amazon, in the middle of low jungle. From Lima it's about an hour flight to the city of Pucallpa, the largest city in the central Peruvian Amazon. From Pucallpa, it was a two-hour drive mostly on red dirt roads to the Pachitea river, a tributary of the Amazon over 300 meters wide.

The Boiling River is a place of tremendous spiritual power, a home to very powerful jungle spirits, where only the most powerful shamans could go because other people were afraid of the spirits.

What's curious about the river is that it actually starts off as a cold stream, heats up, then cools back down slightly at night. It goes from roughly 27 degrees Celsius to about 94 degrees Celsius at its hottest. There are also very hot springs, which inject water into the river to produce this amazing feature. 

The total river system is about 9 kilometers (5.5 miles), but it is the 6.24 kilometers (3.8 miles) on the lower part of the river that are hot. Most of that flow, particularly during the dry season, is hot enough to kill you. Small mammals, reptiles, or amphibians regularly fall in and are boiled alive.

According to nationalgeographic

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