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( Toshka Date Palm Farm covers an area of 132,500 and is the largest date farm in the world.

Toshka Date Palm Farm is the world's largest date palm farm, located in the Toshka Lakes area of the New Valley Governorate in Egypt. It covers an area of 132,500 square meters and water intake basin with a capacity reaching some 245,000 cubic meters. The farm was established in 2022 by the Watania Company for Agriculture and Reclamation Desert Land of Egypt, and it is expected to produce over 200,000 tons of dates annually.


The date palm is one of the oldest crops cultivated by man – archaeologists have found evidence of its production 8,000 years ago in Neolithic sites in Syria and Egypt, and its prominence in Middle Eastern culture is still widely felt. Egypt is one of the largest date-producing countries in the world and nearly all of these dates are consumed by Egyptians themselves. After thousands of years, Egypt continues to be a central hub for date production, but date groves are susceptible to devastating damage by weevils.

The Toshka Date Palm Farm is a major agricultural project that is aimed at increasing Egypt's production and export of dates. Egypt is already one of the world's leading date producers, but the new farm is expected to further cement its position in the global market.

The farm is also expected to have a significant impact on the local economy.

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