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( Table Mountain is the world's highest commercial abseiling point.

Abseiling Table Mountain (world’s highest commercial abseil) is an experience of adrenaline and achievement not to be missed.

The world famous Table Mountain soars above Cape Town at 1000 metres above sea level. Step off the edge and make the 112-metre controlled descent with the safety of a harness and cable as a support. The views from here are breathtaking. 


Started in 1995, by Trevor Ball, Abseil Africa is the only operator running abseiling trips on Table Mountain, with a SANParks issued permit. Their team consists of three permanent staff members, based in the office, and 12 freelance guides working in the field.

The Abseil Africa team can cater for up to three people abseiling down the rock face at one time when the group is large. Usually, you go down two at a time, which makes it an ideal activity for the adventurous lovebirds.

When it comes to the maximum weight restriction, you can arrange to go abseiling with them if you are over the limit (pre-arrangement required). In terms of the age limits, kids under 10 years can also do the abseil, if they are at least 40kg's heavy. 

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