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( Maletsunyane Abseil is the world's longest commercially operated single drop abseil.

The world longest commercially operated single drop abseil as the Maletsunyane waterfall at Semonkong, Lesotho. Semonkong literally means "the place of smoke". The name is given to the falls because of the mist it creates as it drops into the pool below.

Also, the river fills up in the rainy season and in the early morning a thick fog rises from the river into the cold air - creating a smokey "Semonkong" effect.

Operated by the nearby Semonkong Lodge, Mother Nature provides an extreme & exciting adrenalin rush - but be warned you will be completely exposed to the elements.

You can have an up-close-and-personal experience of this amazing natural wonder by sliding down the actual waterfall into the deep dark pool below.

Set on the edge of the spectacular Maletsunyane Falls, this abseil descends 204m non–stop to the bottom of the gorge were few people dare to tread and at times you are suspended in mid-air with the spray of the waterfall upon you.

This is abseiling at its best and most exciting. But the faint-hearted need not worry, since qualified guides help you to get familiar with the equipment and the techniques during a training process in and around the Lodge, on much more subdued 25-m high cliffs.


After which you're set for the real fun and can opt for a 4X4 drive or horseback ride out to the falls - in true Lesotho style!

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