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( With a median discharge of 42,476 m³/s, the falls is the largest in the world by this category.

Inga Falls is a rapid 40 km from Matadi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the Congo River drops 96 m over the course of 15 km. The falls are part of a larger group of rapids in the lower Congo River. With a median discharge of 42,476 m³/s, the falls is the largest in the world.


The most dramatic drop sends water cascading down in a thunderous roar, mist swirling like a ghostly veil. But Inga Falls isn't just about spectacle. Its immense annual flow, dwarfing even the combined might of South American rivers, makes it the undisputed king of flow.

The sheer power of Inga Falls has naturally attracted attention for its potential in hydroelectric power generation. Two dams, Inga I and Inga II, have already been built on the rapids, harnessing some of the river's immense energy. An even more ambitious project, the Grand Inga Dam, is currently in the planning stages.

The Grand Inga Dam, a project whispered in engineering circles, dreams of becoming the world's largest hydroelectric power station, capable of lighting up the entire African continent. Imagine a continent powered by the relentless pulse of Inga Falls, a testament to human ingenuity and nature's bounty.

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