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( Adult males measure 22 mm in total length, while females are slightly larger at 29 mm.

Brookesia nana, also known as the nano-chameleon, is a species of chameleon endemic to montane rainforests in northern Madagascar. Described in 2021, it could represent the world's smallest reptile.

Unlike some chameleons, Brookesia nana does not change colors. The nano-chameleon is blotchy brown in color. Adult males measure 22 mm in total length, while females are slightly larger at 29 mm. Like other Brookesia species, females are generally larger than the males. The reasons for its diminutive size are currently unknown, as many vertebrates grow as they mature.

The species was discovered by herpetologist Frank Glaw and other German researchers in 2021 in the rainforest on the Sorata massif in northern Madagascar. Brookesia nana is not arboreal, as it tends to inhabit the forest floor. It is likely that the species is endangered due to deforestation in Madagascar. Miniaturism is believed to evolve from habitat loss.

Finding such a small reptile raises interesting questions about the lower limits of body size in vertebrates. It also highlights the astonishing—and highly threatened—biodiversity of Madagascar. Scientists suspect the chameleon will soon be listed as critically endangered.

Researchers suspect this nano-chameleon may hold the title of the world’s smallest reptile. Its nearest competitor is a creature called Brookesia micra, an itty bitty chameleon species that made its debut in 2012, photographed atop the head of a match (nationalgeographic).


According to Wikipedia/ nationalgeographic

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