[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights September 16, 2021 - BLUEVER Hello X2: Turn Any Monitor Into A Touch Screen


(Worldkings.org) BLUEVER Hello X2 is an easy-to-mount and simple-to-use peripheral that is used on any standard desktop monitor or laptop to instantly transform it into an interactive touchscreen with extra functionality.

With the help of its built-in camera and infrared light bulbs, BLUEVER Hello X2 detects your moving finger towards the monitor and translates it into touch and drag mouse actions with high accuracy and no latency. It makes your work and fun more efficient and engaging.



BLUEVER Hello X2 works with any average laptop or desktop with Mac or Windows OS and a monitor screen size starts from 10” up to 27”, and converts them into fancy touchscreens.
In case you switch to a new computer or monitor of a different size or thickness, you can still use your BLUEVER Hello X2 with it. It won’t occupy any extra space on your table and is so small and lightweight that won’t add bulk of the burden to your monitor.



It makes the interaction with your computer more intuitive and instinctive, therefore your life and works more efficient and easier.

Hello X2 magically sprinkles touchscreen features to your monitor which detect and actuate various finger gestures, including click(short press), double-click, right-click(long press), swipe, touch, and hold, touch and drag, draw\sketch\write with a finger.



BLUEVER Hello X2 is configured with a camera and infrared light emitter. Any disturbances towards the invisible laser web caused by the movement of your finger in front of the computer screen will be detected by the camera and translated into accurate and immediate mouse actions.



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