[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights September 13, 2021 - Ranvoo: A Rapid Drying, Energy-saving Towel Warmer


(Worldkings.org) You may have experienced the difference a heated towel rack made when staying in hotels. But, don’t you want that same luxury at home? Introducing Ranvoo, a minimalist yet high-performing towel warmer that not only turns your bath routine into a spa experience but also serves a ton of practical everyday uses.​


Ranvoo quickly dries and sanitizes your towels while keeping them easily accessible, creating a warm, healthy and comforting end to every bath or shower. It transcends seasons and locales to reduce damp and mildew on your towels and in a surrounding space. Besides towels, Ranvoo can be used to dry and disinfect delicate clothing, such as swimming suits, underwear, socks, pajamas, bath towel and much more.




Unlike other electric or hydronic towel warmers that require a plumber or an electrician to install it, you can, all by yourself, firmly mount Ranvoo to the wall through the adhesive on its back, completely tool-free and drill-free. As a result, your entire family will enjoy the comfort, style and function provided by Ranvoo.



The carbon fiber tube generates invisible far infrared rays that spread in a wide range across the towel, which also heat up the air moved by two centrifugal blowers on either end of the rack to a long distance. As a result of the combined drying efforts, the towel can be dehydrated far quicker by Ranvoo than other towel warmers.



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