[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights February 23, 2021 – The Hövding 3 cycling airbag is the ultimate safety headwear for urban cyclists


(Worldkings.org) Swedish brand Hövding has released their third generation cycling helmet – a collar-like device containing an airbag that activates in the event of a crash. Billed as the world’s safest bicycle helmet, the Hövding 3 inflates in 0.1 seconds and forms around the head and neck like a protective hood.

It might not seem as safe as a helmet, but the Hövding 3 urban cyclist airbag may, in fact, be safer. Reading your movements 200 times per second, this airbag inflates in the event of an accident. When it detects that an accident has occurred, it inflates around your neck and head in just 0.1 seconds.



This efficiently fixates the neck and protects the head from injury. according to scientific studies conducted at stanford university, the airbag technology is 8x safer than traditional bicycle helmets.



And, when you connect this airbag helmet to your smartphone using Bluetooth access an ios and android compatible app, it automatically notifies emergency contacts.

The app includes additional features like battery notifications and the analysis of bicycle data so cyclists can see where accidents are occurring. The data is collected to petition for better infrastructure in those areas. there is also a function that allows users to contact people in the event of an emergency.



Additionally, this feature tells you the bicycle airbag’s battery status and notifies you when it needs recharging. While the battery lasts for 15 hours of active cycling, it takes just two hours to recharge it. Furthermore, the Hövding 3 cover is waterproof and repels dirt—and it’s necessary to always have a cover over the airbag. Improve your safety with this urban cyclist airbag.



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