[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights February 22, 2021 – Impulse Neuro-Controller for PC Gaming


(WorldKings.org) In the world of fast-paced online gaming, every second of response time counts … in fact, make that every millisecond. The Impulse Neuro-Controller was designed with that in mind, as it detects mouse-clicks before they actually happen.

Designed by leading researchers in neural interfaces and bionic limbs from the University of Waterloo, Impulse is the first gaming peripheral that enables you to react at the speed of thought by recognizing your intention to click your mouse. Commands activated with Impulse are faster than mouse clicks by up to 80 milliseconds, paving the way for an unprecedented gaming experience.



The device is essentially a fingerless neoprene glove worn on the user's mousing hand. It incorporates four myoelectric sensors, one above each of the dorsal interossei muscles on the back of the hand – these muscles move the fingers.



Impulse has built-in sensors that use a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to read your muscles’ biosignals and predict your clicking intentions. Essentially, the company is cutting out the time lag between when you think about clicking and when your finger actually executes on that movement through muscular contraction.



According to the company, each muscle generates an electrical signal a split-second before it begins to contract. The corresponding sensor detects that signal, which is instantaneously processed by the Impulse software, resulting in a mouse-click signal being sent to the gaming computer.



This setup reportedly allows clicks to be registered up to 80 milliseconds sooner than is possible with conventional systems, which rely on the actual mechanical mouse-click. It can also differentiate between left and right clicks. The make and model of mouse is irrelevant, although the system is only compatible with PCs.

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